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The Rage by Temujin Hu

THE RAGE, by Temujin Hu, Badlander Publishing, 294 pp., $15.39 ( .99 Kindle).

After serving in the United States military and working in private security in Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan, Temujin Hu pondered, “A lot of people get their faith shaken when they go overseas to fight. I heard combat veterans talking about doing their job and wondering, am I still a good person even though I did what I did?”

Because Temujin’s longtime hobby is screenwriting, he attempted to write a short story dealing with the question: “Is there a good reason for a man to kill someone?”

That story evolved into Temujin’s first novel, THE RAGE, which follows Roland and Nicolas, two men with opposite backgrounds whose efforts to make the most of their tragic circumstances turn into criminal behavior.

Roland, from a poor, abusive background, is a very troubled man whose thinking is affected by the “rage of emotions” brought on by tragedy and stress. Although very intelligent and capable, because of his distorted thinking he applies himself to the criminal craft and becomes an incredibly talented thief and a stealthy killer.

Nicolas is from a wealthy, comfortable background, yet is trying to become a self-made man without the financial or networking assistance of his family. He is driven, disciplined, and seemingly unflappable–until he loses his family. In his depression, he begins to study self-defense and obsess over finding the killer. The tragedy leads Nicolas to acts that appear as criminal as Roland’s, and he allows his life to fall apart as he becomes a very dangerous man on the hunt for a killer.

Both Nicolas and Roland allow bitterness and revenge to destroy their lives to the point that they find themselves living in alleys, abusing illicit drugs, and committing crimes including theft and murder.

“I want people to see no matter how awful things appear, there is always hope and always someone nearby ready to listen – because God often uses people in ways they don’t even realize to impact others in a positive way. So I hope people start to look around their own lives and see how God is at work around them and through them.”


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