Vampire of MacondoTitle of Book: VAMPIRE OF MACONDO
Genre: Nonfiction
Author: Deborah Dupre
Publisher: Duprevent Publishing



The untold story of psychopathic genocide of Americans by the petrochemical military industrial complex, of how BP’s Deepwater Horizon catastrophe has sickened and killed thousands of people on the Gulf of Mexico Coast and government covered it up. Hear heart-rending cries of the victims. Read thoroughly documented evidence of crimes by Big Oil, the military, the seafood and tourism industries, health care providers, and corrupt government leaders.


“I know many people are getting the same treatment,” former Gulf oil cleanup worker, Jennifer Rexford told me. “This isn’t about money anymore. I don’t want cancer.”

Mother of three sons including a toddler, Mrs. Rexford, 29, told me about her continual medical battle against what would seem to most, insurmountable challenges. Her rights to health, safe environment and compensation for work-related injuries were repeatedly violated. She’d become too sick to physically continue. Her voice was about all she had left.

“The ones who can afford to move have moved,” New Orleans high-profile resident Jo Billups explains in The Big Fix documentary. “And the ones that can’t are just begging for help.”[1]

“They’re sitting here losing their homes, their cars. They’re sick. They’ve lost their insurance. They can’t afford to go to the doctors,” said Gulf activist Robin Young.[2]

[1] Jo Billups, The Big Fix

[2] Ibid.

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