Every Breath You Take
Hope Tarr
Contemporary Romance
Harlequin Blaze
ISBN: 0 – 373-79445-2


Microbiologist Alexandra—Alex—Kendall and FBI special agent Cole Whittaker meet, fall in love, and then lose each other through no fault of theirs.

Flash forward five years. Biotechnologies mogul, Randall Traxton, Alex’s boss and fiancé, hires Cole to be her up-close-and-personal bodyguard on a treacherous mission to Belize. Jetting from Manhattan to the steamy Caribbean, can these two formerly star-crossed lovers surrender the painful past and trust enough to fall in love again?

Where did you get inspiration for your book?

Real-life combined with a shall we say fertile imagination. The book is set partly in Manhattan where I live. The hero is an ex-FBI secial agent and through former friends I know just enough about that career to be, if not dangerous, then at least accurate.

How did you get your book published?

I published my first book, an historical romance, with Berkley (Penguin) in 2000. Before that, I joined The Romance Writers of America and started attending events sponsored by my local chapter. I met both my first editor and agent at a chapter writers retreat. Writing may or may not occur in a vacuum but social networking means getting out of your comfort zone, and for
starters your house, and selling yourself.

Any words of wisdom for aspiring authors?

Talent is a prerequisite but it’s not everything or even close to everything. There are a slew of talented writers who never complete a manuscript, never submit said manuscript to a publisher or agent, or get out of the game once they publish a book or two. Talent is a great start but it’s just that, a start. Talent + tenacity is a whole lot better.

You can visit the author’s website at www.hopetarr.com.

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