The Year of the Zebracorn by Curtis I. Stevenson Jr.

The Year of the Zebracorn
Curtis I. Stevenson Jr.
Publish America

About the Book:
In the land of Pangea, home of terror vultures, mega-sea squids, and sabertooth lions, was Ambassador Bravo, the courageous horned zebracorn. Witness his quest to bring balance and harmony back to his planet of Tiamat. Accompanied by his caretaker, Zim-Zoom the zebra eater, the two adventurers discover nefarious activities from above concerning the corrupt terror vulture King Vee, when a bloodback whelp is ripped to shreds, which threatens a war with the land and air kingdoms alike. All the while in the frigid northern waters of Pangea, the ice realm crystals are stolen from the mighty four-armed polar bear, Ambassador Frost, by Bellowfontas, the great blue mega-sea whale and his cohorts, which threatens to cause the great melt and rip Pangea apart. Will Bravo and his companions overcome the staggering odds to save their world? Only the blue phoenix knows.

About the Author:
Native California born, Curtis Isiah Stevenson Jr., moved to Charleston , West Virginia in his teens with an unknown passion embedded in him to write. Instilled in him by his mother, fellow author, Jean Ray, and confirmed by devoted wife, Carla J, Stevenson, Curtis welcomed the challenge his mother gave him to continue her dream. The Year of the Zebracorn, took it upon himself to use his inherited gift of penmanship to completely revamp and uncover the jewel of the jungle, which is the Zebracorn.


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9 thoughts on “The Year of the Zebracorn by Curtis I. Stevenson Jr.

  1. Jennifer

    This book was awesome from start to finish. It put a great new twist on the unicorn fantasy genre. Also there were so many different characters with suprising personalities that made you care about their struggles. In any event, The Year of the Zebracorn is a quick and entertaining read from cover to cover that leaves you wanting to see the book in movie form.

  2. Herman Ray

    Amazing feat of fantasy animal written fiction makes The Year of the Zebracorn stand out among many unicorn tales. This books is a instant classic and could create a firm following of fans. It has motion picture potential.

  3. April

    This is one of the best books I have ever read. From start to finish I could not put it down. Curt’s imaginary world is so vivid in description and the characters are portrayed in such depth you find yourself immersed in their world. His writing is so fluid it is as if this world evolves’ around you. It is as if you are watching a movie. In fact you want it to be a movie. I can’t wait for the sequel. This is a must read for everyone.

  4. Herman Ray

    Great book, should be a great motion picture if put into the right hands. The Year of the Zebracorn takes unicorn fantasy to the the next level!!!

  5. David Orcutt

    The Year of the Zebracorn is a great sleeper book. It’s a super twist on the unicorn fantasy stories. The plot is well written every page keeps you hanging on for more. Also the creatures in this book like the Blood Back Gorillas,Terror Vultures, and Mega sea Squid adds to the excitment. This book deserves to be made into a movie.

  6. Terresa Call

    My grandkids love The Year of the Zebracorn. This book must be something special because they think the movie is coming out already I dont know if it is but it should.

  7. doug

    The Year of the Zebracorn is a very rare book in the sense of unicorn fantasy. This books snatches the beautiful unicorn by the mane and drags it to the realism of the unsightly and rugged jungle and savana of a prehistoric time. The Zebracorn is a great great book and I do agree it should be made into a motion picture of some sorts.

  8. tim

    Somebody needs to put this book into production for a movie.

  9. Jordan

    Very, very cool book, amazing characters and plot for such a short book. I agree the year of the zebracorn would make a great movie I would love to see how they would make… it kudos to the author…

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