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THE OVUM FACTOR by Marvin L. Zimmerman

Title of Book: THE OVUM FACTOR
Genre: Fiction/Adventure/Thriller
Author: Marvin L. Zimmerman
Publisher: Synergy Books

Destruction of Earth’s ecology threatens the survival of humanity. With time ticking away, a clandestine think tank of scientists and world leaders has identified our last hope – the controversial research of a Nobel Prize – winning professor aimed at unleashing the power of a unique molecule that can alter the course of human history.

When David Rose, a young investment banker from New York, is assigned to evaluate the professor’s research, he soon becomes swept up in a whirlwind of international espionage, assassination, and sabotage. David finds himself on a journey that takes him to the unexplored depths of the Amazon in order to fulfill two ancient prophecies for saving mankind and at the same time to realize his own destiny.

From New York to Califonia, from China to the slums of Rio de Janerio, and into the Amazon, the search for the mysterious source of this rare molecule will take you into the heart of the unknown and unseen forces of nature.

Ask the Author:

“The Ovum Factor is a unique blend of high concept thriller with Indiana Jones’ style adventure, Michael Chrichton’s scientific twist and the intrigue of the Da Vinci Code. Can you give us examples of why this is so?”

The Ovum Factor combines the imaginative scientific premise typical of Michael Crichton with the tense intrigue of a novel by Dan Brown – all told in the swashbuckling style of an Indiana Jones adventure.

A Noble Prize-winning professor from Caltech discovers a unique new molecule that will vastly increase the brain development of babies while still in the early fetal stage. He hopes that a future new generation of geniuses will offer humanity our best hope for solving the almost insurmountable problems we have created, including irreversible climate change, destruction of the natural world and imminent pandemics by virulent new micro-organisms.

The only problem is that this miraculous molecule is so complex in its chemical structure that it has so far proven highly elusive to synthesize in the laboratory. Ultimately, the only recourse is to find its only natural source which has been established to be a rare plant used by a reclusive Indian tribe living somewhere in the immense Amazon rainforest.

Parallel to this central theme, there is never slackening intrigue as assassins and saboteurs working for ultra-conservative groups try to stop the research at all costs. There is also international espionage by foreign agents whose only motive is to profit from the immense commercial value of this extraordinary molecule.

Apart from its important underlying message about the impending environmental apocalypse facing humanity, The Ovum Factor is also a thrilling adventure. The unlikely hero, David Rose, a young New York investment banker, finds himself stranded in the most remote part of the Amazon. He must battle his way past hostile Indians and the unforgiving jungle as he tries to find the source of the mysterious plant. His seemingly impossible challenge is made even more difficult when he comes to realize that he must succeed to save the lives of those he holds most dear.

As David’s journey toward his true destiny unfolds, there are constant twists and turns that will lead to an ending no one could have anticipated.

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