Genre: Fantasy
Author: Theresa Chaze
Publisher: Valkyrie Publishing
ISBN: 978-0979840609


To protect herself and her loved ones from the violent cult, Rachael risks everything by awakening the dragon spirit prematurely. As the dragon rises within her, the cult surround her home with the intent on killing the new witch who lives inside and burning the evidence of the murder of the previous owner.

Why did you choose this title?

Originally Awakening the Dragon–Book One of the Dragon Clan Trilogy was called Dragon’s New Home. I changed it when I revised the novel to free it from an unethical publisher. The second title was more accurate and descriptive. After I had finished it originally I knew there was more to the story, so I started Dragon Domain. However, even before the first draft of Dragon Domain was finished I new that there would be a third and the Dragon Clan Trilogy was born. The characters kept taking on dimension, while new ones appeared. Although none of them are perfect, there are also no completely evil people either. Like in real life, Coyote Springs is filled with people who live lives that are varies shades of gray.

Theresa Chaze can be found at

Her book is available at,  Awakening The Dragon, Book One of the Dragon clan Trilogy.

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7 thoughts on “AWAKENING THE DRAGON by Theresa Chaze

  1. Welcome to Plug Your Book, Theresa! I definitely like the new title better!

  2. ccmal

    I agree with Dorothy, the new title is great. I like the premise of this book too. I enjoy reading what people will do to help their loved…how far will they go.

    Best of luck!


  3. Thank you for hosting me. I have a question. If you read on the black blurb or in the promotions that the novel had really Wiccan magic or that it was written by a Wiccan Priestess would it affect your buying decision? Would you be less or more likely to buy the book?

  4. Dear Theresa:

    You raise a good question. When I first began to pitch my series to agents, I thought the fact that it was steeped in Eastern philosophy would be a big selling point. But it actually became a negative to some agents and publiishers — and probably readers. Personally, I would be more likely to buy your book if it were promoted as being written by a Wiccan Priestess. But I wouldn’t be surprised if at least a portion of potential readers would not.

  5. Hi, Theresa. I would have to agree with Jim. Readers want to know that an author knows the subject matter that they’re writing about…and you certainly do!

  6. Laury

    read the book and really enjoyed it

  7. Thanks. I was curious. There are so many people who are open, yet others keep wrapping themselves in the old bigotries. Earlier this week, a holiday exhibit was destroyed or at least part of it was. The Christian naviety scene wasn’t touched. But the vandals climbed up on the roof and tore down the pentacle. The city council has put a hold on add any more diversity to the exhibit. The thing is the bigots think they have won. Instead they have only put the whole exhibit at risk for next year. There will most likely be a legal action which will have long lasting results.

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