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BIRTHDAY BLESSING by Jill Noelle and Julia Daniels

Genre: Romantica
Author: Jill Noelle and Julia Daniels  Website:
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Date of Release: March 2007
ISBN: 9781419912641


As an obstetrician, volunteer and caretaker to several eccentric family members, Lillian Smythe has a full life. So when Aunt Fran does her annual birthday tarot reading and predicts Lillian will meet her true love, she’s not sure that’s a blessing. Even if the naked, well-endowed man on the King of Swords card does make her hot.

Serving as chauffeur to senile old ladies isn’t what caused Detective Brent Kennedy to move home, but as the new guy, Brent has to take whatever assignments are thrown his way. Having grown up on the wrong side of the tracks, he’s out to prove himself, even if it means he has to babysit Miss Smythe until her guardian can come pick her up.

Lillian is shocked. Brent looks exactly like the model on her birthday blessing card. But class differences, thefts and one very opinionated ghost come between them and Lillian begins to have doubts. Even if the is the best birthday gift she’s ever had.

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Genre: Science Fiction
Author: Darrell Bain
Publisher: Twilight Times Books
Date of Release: March 2007
ISBN: 978-1933353661


Darrell Bain’s finest novel to date. Savage Survival is a coming of age novel like no other and Lyda Brightner is a character you’ll remember forever. Raped at eleven. Forced to kill. Subjected to suffering in one brutal and horrible environment after another, with no parents or guardian to protect her as she grows up. Millions of earthmen have been captured by invulnerable aliens and are being put through the strangest and most terrifying survival tests ever imagined. Young Lyda Brightner’s first experience after being thrown into the midst of undisciplined humans is horrible enough, but she doesn’t know that the trials are just beginning. She doesn’t know that only a few hundred of the millions of captives will live through the vicious and cruel winnowing process. Again and again as she grows into a young woman, she has to call on the only resources she has available: her own innate bravery, her quick mind, her unwavering belief in the goodness of the majority of humans and ultimately, an enduring hope that one day she will find someone to love. But even if she lives through all this, she will still have to face the final question. What do the aliens have in mind for the few survivors?

What words of inspiration do you have for writers who dream of being authors one day?

Writing is hard work.  Writing fiction is a profession where the supply far outnumbers demand so be prepared for a long hard road.  One more thing: the best way to improve your writing is to writer.  And write…and write…and….

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Title of Book: You Are More Than Enough: Every Woman’s Guide to Purpose, Passion, and Power
Genre: Self Help; Inspiration
Author: Judi Moreo
Publisher: Stephens Press
Date of Release: 2007
ISBN: 1-932173-72-2

Buy You Are More Than Enough: Every Woman’s Guide to Purpose, Passion, and Power here!

You Are More Than Enough: Every Woman’s Guide to Purpose, Passion, and Power Summary:

This book is for people who think they should have been more successful by now. It is also for people who want something, but don’t know what it is! It will help them find their life purpose, get over any disappointments and discouragements and get headed in the right direction.

This book helps you decide what you want to achieve in order to accomplish that “something more” you know is your destiny. It will help you determine what you can change in order to live a more fulfilling life…a life of purpose, passion, and power.

Throughout this book I share tools and techniques that I used which helped me immensely in my journey to becoming the person I knew I could be. If “You Are More Than Enough” helps even one person have a better life, it will have been worth the time and effort it took to write it.

You Are More Than Enough: Every Woman’s Guide to Purpose, Passion, and Power Excerpt:

“If stayng in your comfort zone hasn’t brought you the success you want, maybe its time you stepped out of it. When you set goals, you are no longer leaving your future to chance. You are actually choosing to make changes in your life. Be prepared to feel a little uneasy at the prospect of doing things you haven’t done before, and give yourself time to adjust to new situations. When we do things we haven’t done before or attempt things we’ve only dreamed of, we often feel fears…fear of getting lost, fear of not knowing what to do, fear of looking stupid, feat that we are not “good enough”, fear of rejection and many more. It’s natural to feel fear. Identify and understand your fears. Only then will you be able to defeat them.”


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Title of Book: Let Us Play, A Rock ‘n Roll Love Story
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Author: Karen Magill
Author Website:
Publisher: Lulu Press Inc
Date of Release: October 2006
ISBN: 10:1847285198, 13:978-1847285195


In an uncertain time in the future, rock and roll music has been banned. Kaya More uses second sight to lead a group of rebels to bring it back. Their quest leads them from the streets of New York City to the peaks of the Canadian Rockies to the beaches of California. The pursuit heats up as combatants switch sides and the world joins forces as the rebels find adventure, music and love.EXCERPT:

PROLOGUEPeople ran from the concert hall, screaming in reaction to the horror they had just witnessed. Their clothes bloodied, assorted limbs broken and their minds numb by the massacre they had just seen, many fought their way to the ambulances that were just pulling up.

Appearing much calmer than the fleeing concert attendees, several identically black clad individuals emerged holding various assortments of weapons. Those waiting for services of the ambulance attendants cowered at the sight of these imposing figures and anyone who would manage to retain their sanity knew that they would never forget this horrific night.

In addition to their confusion, the earth began to shake violently. Buildings shook on their foundations; people struggled to maintain their balance as they attempted to assist those in need. Suddenly, a crevice in the ground began to form around the auditorium. Rapidly, it widened and the concert hall began a slow descent. Before the horrified eyes of the onlookers, the building slowly disappeared from sight and the ground sealed itself around the buried structure.

The earth stilled but was replaced by a forceful wind that seemed to approach tornado proportions. The gusts were so strong that people were thrown from where they stood and deposited a few feet away; trees were uprooted and vehicles were overturned. Sand from the nearby beach was lifted by the winds and created a sandstorm that was blinding.

As quickly as this chaos had started, it stopped with what many later claimed sounded like a great sigh. Two events of importance happened that night: Rock and roll music ended and a legend was born.

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ANAZ-VOOHI by Vijaya Schartz

Title of Book: Anaz-voohri
Series: Operation Pleiades

Genre: Sci-fi romance

Author: Vijaya Schartz


Publisher’s Name: Triskelion Publishing

Date of Release: January 2007

ISBN: 9781601860330



After 800 years, the Anaz-voohri have returned from the stars to steal our children, and they have a nefarious plan! Since he witnessed the abduction of his baby sister by an alien creature, Zack will stop at nothing to rescue her, even if it means joining the Special Forces. But Tia Vargas, the reckless amazon training the secret unit for a highly classified mission, has no use for this rebellious recruit, at least not on the battlefield, until Zack’s farfetched stories prove to be true, and tragedy strikes… To save those he loves, Zack will sacrifice everything beyond human endurance. But the fate of humanity is at stake, and Tia harbors a deadly secret…


Chapter One – Los Angeles – July 2003

Zack woke up with a start, unable to see anything. Anything at all. Had the power gone out? A subtle vibration permeated the house. Earthquake? No. Earthquakes didn’t make the walls sing.
Something was wrong. With no glow from the digital clock or from his computer screen, Zack tossed his blanket aside and felt his way to the window. He pulled up the black roman shade and lifted the glass pane. The sweet fragrance of roses from the front yard filled the room. As he craned his neck outside, the second story view revealed a full moon but no street lights in the whole residential area of Granada Hills. Had all of Los Angeles blacked out?

Outside, the strong vibration shook the foliage of the eucalyptus trees. As far as Zack could see, the streets and houses looked dark and quiet. Too dark, too quiet, with no breeze, no birds, not even the chirp of a cricket.

Moonlight filtering into the room illuminated the life-size poster of Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider. As the vibration intensified, something familiar tugged at Zack’s mind. Ashley? His baby sister screeched for help in his head! She was terrified.

Rushing out of the bedroom, Zack stumbled over his sneakers and stepped into the ink black hallway. The vibration shook the hardwood under his bare feet. The smell of burnt rubber or heated machinery assaulted his nostrils. How weird!

Feeling his way along the wall, Zack turned the corner and saw an outline of white radiance around Ashley’s door. He’d left it ajar last night.

Wearing only his boxers and tee-shirt, Zack shivered when a malevolent breeze coursed across his skin, as if to keep him away. Was he dreaming? He bit his lip. It hurt, and the coppery taste of blood filled his mouth. Wide awake! His heart beat so hard, it threatened to explode.

Outside Ashley’s door, their Persian cat arched his back and hissed, spooked. His bristled tail rose straight up in the air, sparking with static electricity.

“What’s going on in there, Dude?” Zack whispered, his heart faltering. He swallowed with a dry throat, remembering the horror movies he used to enjoy watching. But this was no movie, and he couldn’t stand the thought of his baby sister in any danger.

Zack moved sluggishly, like through water with weights on his ankles. Had the air become dense? Had he landed in the middle of a strange videogame? Finally he pushed the door open. Blinded by bright light, Zack stood paralyzed. He tried to step inside, to no avail. His legs refused to move.

Unable to scream his frustration, he remained frozen in the doorway, immobilized by a strange force that controlled his body. As his eyes adjusted to the brightness, the unobstructed view of his sister’s room chilled his spine.

Bent over the bed, a tall creature of humanoid proportions hovered above the floor, wearing a long, shimmering cape that accentuated its square shoulders. Seven-year-old Ashley, her blue eyes wide with terror, blonde curls framing her tan face, clutched her favorite Barbie Doll, her mouth open in a silent wail.

Get away from my sister, you freak! No word came out of Zack’s mouth.

The creature turned to face Zack. Under the hood, the bald skull glowed from within, blue, pink and green, like a see-through phone. The face had large oval eyes, milky skin, elongated cheeks, and a straight thin mouth etched with grim determination.

Hang on, Ashley, I’m coming. When Zack attempted to rush the creature, his feet stuck to the floor. He tried to yell but his vocal cords remained mute. He wanted to break the freak’s skull, bloody the monster’s small nose, make it feel pain. What did this thing want with his baby sister?


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